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Jake Cusack - Funky tribal house - Session 27

September 21, 2017

This weeks mix session features a new release from me Truckle (track 1), if you would like to support my releases please click on the link below




Truckle - Jake Cusack
Brazil (Original Mix) - Antoine Clamaran
Babel (Original Mix) - Jay Lumen
El Pajaro 2017 (Original Mix) - Antoine Clamaran, DJ Fist
Botswana (Original Mix) - Brad Blondino, Chris Waver
Itsa Trumpet Thing (Extended Mix) - Gordon Edge, Tom Staar
Bogota (Original Mix) - Luca Debonaire
Magalenha feat. Sergio Mendes (Extended Mix) - Gregor Salto, Sergio Mendes, Simon Fava
Prende La Vela (The Cube Guys Mix) - Gabry Venus
All Right Ya (Original Mix) - Dario Nunez, Victor Perez, Vicente Ferrer
Tribalation (Original Mix) -Simon Doty
Machakos (Original Mix) -Antoine Clamaran, Agua Sin Gas